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Want Something Unique? We Love a Challenge!

Let us come up with something unique for you! We can create Mouse Pads, Counter Mats, Pegboards, Magnets & our newest product: Printed Food Trays. Whatever it is you need, we’ve got the right solution for any project! Contact us today for a quote!

Mouse Pads & Counter Mats

Large or small, we can create to your specifications a variety of counter or desk items with rubber or foam. Some of our capabilities include substrates from reverse printed vinyl to paper with added laminate. We can also create Interchangeable graphic counter mats using printed plastic in a pocket configuration with tape or magnet. Contact us to discuss what is needed, and we can determine the right solution for your project.

For shorter lead times, we keep open cell rubber on hand in 1/16” and 1/8” thick for quick delivery and other backer substrates are available. Lamination with pressure sensitive (PSA) is also an option where the item may be used for a shorter time period.

  • In-Stock, Open Cell Rubber for Quicker Turnaround
  • Interchangeable Graphic Background Capabilities
  • Multiple Backing Options Available
  • Pressure Sensitive Lamination (PSA)


Magnets are a popular promotional item that is used in retail environments or to provide to customers with useful information to keep your customers contact information accessible.  

Converting Solutions has the ability to produce your large run magnet needs for custom sizes and shapes. We take your printed sheet and add the magnet backer with our own specialized adhesive to allow you to choose the thickness, material type, finish and size. 


  • Stay in Front of Your Customer’s Audience
  • Custom Shapes & Sizes
  • Specialized Adhesive
  • Many Options for Thickness & Material


Maximize any point-of-purchase space to promote your image. Pegboard graphics are a customizable display option used to set the background scene for the products being sold instead of the generic colored pegboard backer. The three different hole options are flexible on a 1” pattern starting ½” from all final edges with perforation options if more flexibility is required.

The post popular ¼” cleaned out hole option is available up to a 48″ x 98″ final sheet size. We also offer an X shaped pattern hole and half size ¼” hole cut out (half moon) in smaller sheet sizes to allow more flexibility and price options.

  • 3 Shaped Pattern Hole Options
  • Sizes up to to 48″ x 98″
  • Fully Customizable

Food Trays

Food Chain ID has certified Converting Solutions as meeting the requirements of SQF Code for the manufacture of Food Packaging Materials: Laminated boards

  • SQF Certified for Food Packaging
  • Vacuum Sealed
  • Printed Food Trays
  • Plastic Food Trays
  • Fish Boards
  • Skin Boards


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